Best Store of the Summer!

My current favorite retail store is Old Navy. The great quality of the clothing and the way they set up the store draws me into the environment. The store and website stand out among other retailers because of its competitive prices and great quality in clothing. Also, the advertising ads are fun and display the prices of the clothing, most retailers do not do this in their ads. Here are some examples of what I mean.

The huge windows they have attracts me because I can see all the front section of the store from the outside. While standing outside I can see the new pieces they have on display and the sales they have going on. This draws me into the store. While I am inside, I see the prices hanging from every fixture. This is appealing to me because I can look at the price and look at the garment and if I like it I can grab my size and try it on. If I don’t I can just continue to walk around the store. The flow of the fixtures is also appealing to me. I love how they set up the store, it feels welcoming and family friendly.

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Daisy CS

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