Why do Designers Thrift Shop?

Designers and stylist use garments and accessories from thrift store because they want to be inspired and exposed to new style options. Also everything is extremely low priced, that it helps build great styles on a budget. Sometimes stylist are given budgets that simply can’t be met by shopping for new clothes. There are several great vintage pieces that can’t be bought at your local Neiman Marcus, but can be purchased at the thrift store for $2.

The thrift store is a great place to explore your style and try new things without waisting all your money. You can experiment several outfits and have fun with styling options and not worry about the price, which is usually a big concern. Thrift stores also house years of styles from 1920 to now and stumbling upon a purse from the 1950s, assures that not one will be walking around with the same piece. Your outfits becomes unique and one of a kind just like you, in a saturated world.

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Daisy CS

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