Fashion Stylist

I am currently attending the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco and this semester I took a Fashion Styling course. I have been one of my most favorite classes! I learned a stylist has many jobs. One of them is selecting clothes and accessories for print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, published editorial features, any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures. As a stylist, one must choose the model’s hair style, makeup, and nail polish. A few pose suggestions are also part of the job but if working with a photographer they will also have great suggestions for poses. 

Stylist usually borrows and return the accessories and clothing. If funds are available, the items can be bought. Some boutique stores and designers will ask for a deposit in case the garments get damaged. There is also a borrowing fee, some retail stores charge a fee to lend you the clothes. Before this class, I had no idea what a stylist did. Now I can confidently say I am a stylist. I learned many new things about myself from this class. I love styling! I love shopping and putting outfits together. I love photographing for fashion.

Fashion is my passion. Not just the clothing, but the hard work that gets put into it. All the little details that no one ever sees. They only see the finished picture. I love the art behind organizing and conducting a photo shoot. It’s hard work and has many ups and downs. It has prepared me for my career in many ways I can’t describe, the knowledge I have f this class is infinite. I am prepared for the worst, like your photographer canceling last minute, now you have to step up and try to capture the perfect moment in time. I want to thank professor Banu Reynolds for this amazing journey and this wonderful soul awakening experience.


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Daisy CS

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