Hair and Makeup 2017

For this seasons Hair and Makeup the ones I have chosen are my favorites because they all are timeless and chic. The first image is from the Alice + Olivia collection. This style is called festival lingering. I love it because it looks low key and casual chic. I love the braid look and I just found out how to get this look, I am excited to try it out!

The second image is from the Carolina Herrera collection. This style is called Twisted minimalism. I like it because it gives straight hair a brilliant twist! It looks simple but beautiful. The makeup pairs perfect with this hairstyle with bold colors it makes the presentation look fierce.

The third image is from the Malan Breton collection. This is my favorite, it is called Modern Fairytale. I love the hairstyle because it looks low key and the curls still look amazing.

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Daisy CS

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