Paid Advertising Ethics

There are several branches in business. In my opinion the most important is the business codes of conduct and the fair or unfair treatment of production workers.

Paid advertising and commentary is getting more complicated since social media and fashion blogs are becoming a place to comment and review products. Making sure the truth is advertised and letting the consumer know that it is a paid advertisement is the Federal Trade Commissions duty.

Lord and Taylor where charged by the Federal Trade Commission for paying fashion bloggers to comment on a dress from a private collection. The post the the bloggers created where pre-approved before they were able to post it. The bloggers didn’t mention in their reviews that they were paid or that they received the item for free.

The verdict is that Lord and Taylor must have the independent bloggers clearly mention that they are getting payed for the social-media mentions.

Before reading this article, I had no idea that this was unethical. I see tons of product mentions on Instagram and I haven’t seen any of them disclose that they got the items for free or that they are getting paid. It makes lots of since now how failing to mention this would attract and deceive many consumers. I personally would want to try something, someone has tried and has given great reviews about it. I think the fine line between advertising and commentary is going to get stricter do to the massive amounts of reviews being put out on the web.

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1. Lord & Taylor Cited for Not Disclosing Payments to Fashion Bloggers

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