Pantone- Color of the year

The key fashion color for next season is Rose Quartz. According to Pantone, this color descended from the soft, smooth colors of the Spring collections. Rose Quartz is a delicate and soft color that is perfect for the early summer months. It can be so delicate to wear through the summer when the weather heats up. Rose Quartz is a chic and passionate color, perfect for everyday wear.Rose_Quartz_1

From the research I did on, there are not different colors projected for home goods. The colors for both fashion and home goods are the same. The key color for this year in home goods is Marsala.


A fashion item that will best employ the color of the year is, light coats. Light summer coats and cardigans would be the best fashion accessory, for the 2016 color Rose Quartz because it will accent the entire outfit. It will give the outfit a soft, delicate and sophisticated feel. As for home goods, Rose Quartz will be best in paint. This color will turn any room into a peaceful and soothing environment. Also a nice bouquet of roses will be great to accent any room in the house, with this calming color.00697_LightPink-l

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