St. John Sports Collection

St-John-Fall-2010-Campaign.jpg-2St. John is re-launching their sports collection for Resort 2017. St. John has been around for decades and is attempting to appeal to a client that is fashion-forward. The collection will have a casual feel. The collection will include sweaters, wide legged pants, joggers, knit bomber jackets and side-striped track pants.

St. John is hooping to expand its evening wear category. It makes up about 24 percent of the revenues. They have recently bought their Chinese license and are hoping to expand there. This is when the desire to push eveningwear started. China has the second largest economy in the world. St. John manufactures 70 percent of their collection in the United States. They also have a large factory in Tijuana, Mexico. This factory produces yarn, creates fabric, cuts and sews everything and makes the metal hardware and metallic buttons.

I admire St. John for evolving into new territory. Moving into another country to expand is not easy. They have been able to do this and now their goal is to succeed over seas by expanding their collections. I have seen some of there collections and they are appealing. I love it! It has a simple, clean and classic feel. Their company manufactures 70 percent of their products here in the United States, it does bring me to the question: will they begin to manufacture all their collections in China, and close the factories here in the United States? I hope not, this will cause a dent in the local economy of Irvine, which is were their factories are. As for maintaining their goal of acquiring new customers, moving into China will definitely help them expand their collections to the masses, bringing them much success.

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