Stockton CA, Birth home of the Fantastic 4!

I live in the city of Stockton. It was the runner-up for the state capital. It is a very large city that has the advantage of being the home to the largest inland seaport in California. The Port of Stockton is the easternmost inland seaport in California. It is also the 13th largest city and the 64th largest city in the United States. Stockton is definitely an individual.  It’s a town so rich in history that the downtown area has landmarks around every corner. Three-times named an All-America City: 1999, 2004, 2015, I think Stockton is a very masculine city.

The city of Stockton has always been known for a city that needs help. Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comics, named it the official birthplace of the fantastic four. According to Lee he wanted to draw positive attention to the town he was living in, and call attention to comics. Overall the city is full of culture and people with different religious beliefs. 

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Daisy Sandoval

Content Writer and Fashion Product Developer

“It’s almost like performing a public service. Here’s a city that needs help. How can our superheroes not respond to a city crying out for help?” Stan Lee 1986

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