Best Direct to Consumer Retailers

Victoria Secret is amazing when it comes to reaching out to consumers directly. They had a fabulous catalog that held all their great clothing and sales. It was a good way of getting directly to the consumer at home. Though they don’t have them any more, because the use of the online store is at its all time peak. Everyone shops online, now they have stores that are only offered online. The website is better than their catalog. I think it is amazing! I love it. Their target market is from ages 25-35. A business women that wears career clothing but is secretly wearing sexy lingerie underneath.

Ulta Beauty also does a great job at getting directly to the consumer. They mail out catalogs every month and in every catalog they have coupon for either $3.50, $5 or 20% off your total price. Though the use of the internet has gone up extremely. I am not sure how often they send out the catalog any more. The website is also amazing, they have the catalog for your view online. They also have an archive of all the past catalog you can look at. They bring light to the website and the magazine by photographing models that look happy and effortlessly stunning. Their target market is women between the ages of 20-40. Their stores range from drug store makeup like Revlon to Higher end make like Dior. Teachers, college students and mothers, the environment is friendly to women of all ages and careers. Its a place where they have everything beauty.

Macy’s is my all time favorite place to go. They make my experience magical almost every time. The intent it s there to reach out to the consumer through the website. There website is amazing. I think the best because it is interactive. You have the option to chat with beauty advisors and stylist and customer service if you have any questions. You can narrow down your choices by picking what you are looking for. Their target market ranges from 25-55 year old women. The college student to the career women. They have many departments every stylish persons needs. They do have a mail catalog too, this is where they announce their big sales and mail the consumers coupons.

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