The Brows of 2021

It is the time for perfect brows. Everyone is in a craze of having and getting them to look as natural as possible. Eyebrows are one of the many important features on the face. Not only do they frame your eyes, they also highlight the face.

How to create perfect natural looking brows:

  1. Get to know your brow. There are three parts to your brow, the start, middle (also known as the arch) and end. You must use this as a guide to get your brow to its maximum potential. Click on this picture, to help you point out the three areas.
  2. Use the three points as guides to fill in your brows. Fill in brow with powder, the key to properly blending and natural looking brows is small strokes.
  3. After your eyebrows are filled to your hearts desire seal with a wax or a clear gel. This helps your brows become waterproof and last all day.To make sure your brow area is clean, gently pat a bit of concealer around the eyebrow.
  4. Highlight the bottom of your brows with a bit of natural color eye shadow to give you maximum perfection.

There are many ways to do eyebrows. I have tried them all, liquid liners, waterproof liners, brow gels, powders, wax, tinting, and the classic pencil. It seems less is more, but when you want perfect bold brows the best way to go, is with my favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes.

Why I love it?

It comes with everything you need! Two colors so you can blend your way to the perfect brow, concealer, a wax, highlighter and the famous perfect brow stencils! Yes that’s right, a stencil so you can get the perfect brow every application, plus you save so MUCH time! These are perfect for beginners or if you are always on the go, it is amazing. Check out the Anastasia How to video:
Video courtesy of Valentine Lewis. For more videos by Valentine Lewis, 
check out her YouTube.

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Daisy CS

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