Top 3 Stylist

Upon doing some research on stylist I have acquired my top 3 favorite stylists. It wasn’t easy but I managed to choose the most inspirational to me.

Brana Wolf

Brana Wolf is a contemporary tastemaker, visualizing glamour. She has an ability to rigorously edit styles to their most strongly graphic and perfected best. The images I have chosen look magical. The clothes look like they come from out of a fantasy world. I just love it!

Carine Roitfeld

Carine Roitfeld is one of my favorites. I have been following her work for the past three years. The more I read about her gets me closer to her work. She inspires me in every area of my life. I have most recently began to use her as my mentor in my work. She is an amazing artist. One of the images I have chosen is from her magazine CR. The other is of her sitting on a table with a slip ever so elegantly.

Katy England

I am extremely attracted to her work. The images I have chosen is work from her and Alexander Mcqueen. Alexander Mcqueen is one of my favorite designers. His vision and inspirations behind his works are moving. Katy England was a creative director for Mcqueen’s studio. She worked on every stage of the process, from researching and picking trimmings, to working on the shows. She is represented by Intrepid.


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Daisy CS

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