Yoke, Functional or Decoration?

The Purpose of the yoke is versatile. It is used for design detail, function and decorative. In the images gathered, I can see that the yoke is in pants to make them closer to the body at the waist. They are used in this skirt to make it closer to the body at the waist as well as to add design detail in form of a V shape in the back. This is both flattering to the back side and adds a fullness to the skirt.

il_fullxfull.309771369 2845161_fpx.tif Lace-Yoke-Color-Block-T-Shirt-Dress-Express

Screen shot 2011-08-21 at 6.55.25 PM

The yoke is used as a decorative design in the gray shirt, since the shirt is already tight fitting, the lace yoke is merely a decoration. In the dress however, it is used with two functions. A decorative design to accent the dress and a form fitting design to fit closer to the chest.

I love the yoke as a design detail, decorative and for its functionality! It is a fun way to accent any piece.

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